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Stylish Home Accessories Online & On Suffolk’s Heritage Coast

Our superb selection of stylish home accessories and decorative gifts offer that little bit of affordable luxury to make your home beautiful.

At P & K Home Interiors, quality – combined with customer satisfaction – is king. But as walk-in retailers with a Suffolk shop by the sea, we also love to support local artisans and source all our decorative items in a mindful and responsible way wherever possible.

A quick potted history – Ceramics, home accessories & more

Planters, jugs and vases; tea-light lanterns and trinket dishes, beautiful, stylish ceramics have always been central to our home decor collections at P & K Home Interiors. But they’re just one part of our ever-evolving and growing selection of delightfully decorative home accessories and soft furnishings.

At P & K our wide range of collections all stem from a passion for homes, houses and interiors and an innate eye for attainable interior design. They’re inspired by personal journeys to different countries and continents, and by the fascination for the colours, food, architecture and people of diverse cultures discovered there.

Wood, metal, stoneware and textiles speak to us all. So too the changing seasons and precious environment. But collections of beautiful items inspired by these things certainly have their own stories to tell.

Discover those stories here, in our online home interiors shop.
Find out more about P & K Home Interiors founder, Pauline Donnelly, the person behind the passion.
Or, if you find yourself on your travels, why not come and say hello and browse our East Suffolk store?

Location, location, location

Locating new suppliers and sourcing new decorative homeware products is something we do with a passion at P & K Home Interiors. It takes a lot of time and energy, but being able to continually offer exciting new home accessories just drives us and we love it.

Sourcing original soft home furnishings, finding ‘different’ decorative items or discovering unique jewellery gifts – they’re all about being resourceful. Quality and price point of goods and reliability of suppliers are important, however they’re not the only things influencing our choices of stock.

Going with the flow

When it comes to fast-moving currents of design trends, we acknowledge them but ensure that we don’t get carried away. Trending home accessories are a good first springboard, once they’ve hit the High Streets though, originality has generally been diluted or adapted for functionality and affordability.

At P & K, we curate decorative homeware ranges with longevity, to suit most styles of interiors. When crafting a collection, we ensure products sit well together and tell a story. That way, you can more easily envisage seeing them in your home or giving them to someone as a gift.

Trends have their place in our fast-moving world, but our customers tend to appreciate interior design accessories from our careful collections as better home styling investments.

Reaching out for what comes naturally

At P & K Home Interiors, natural materials like wood, metal, stone and ceramics are our go-to choices. Not only do they have an intrinsically unique, natural feel and look about them, but their overall impact on the environment is less.

The ethos of the companies we work with is important to us too. All products have a supply-chain  and we feel a responsibility to source the homewares and soft furnishings we sell as ethically as possible. This is true for products both in our online store as well as in our Suffolk home accessories shop in Felixstowe.

We like to know that our wooden homeware accessories are made from sustainable timber for example, and it’s also important to us that our candles and wax products are palm oil, paraben and artificial additive free.

Loving local

Many of our decorative homewares inspired by our travels have of course had to make journeys of their own to reach our shelves. It’s miles better and an even more thoughtful gift if a product is made locally or within the UK. These are the sorts of finds we really love.

Spotting hidden local gems that no one else has discovered yet, gives us all a real buzz.

We’re community conscious and very aware that supporting local producers, craftsmen and other independent businesses keeps skills and communities alive with originality. But then we are local artisans ourselves too, thanks to our pre-loved furniture refurbishment service which reaches out to customers across East Anglia.


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