Himalayan Bath Salts


Sourced from the Himalayan mountain range the Himalayan salt is extremely rich in minerals.The ancient Greeks documented the health benefits of bathing in these salts that are bursting with natural minerals which are said to promote a healthy soothing , relaxing or energising state of mind and body.
To create that ultimate aromatherapy bathing experience pure essential oils, dried flowers and herbs are added to these Himalayan salts helping to leave skin feeling revived, cleansed and soft to the touch.
Available in 4 scent combinations and 2 sizes.


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Lemon Ginger & Orange 700g, Lemon Ginger & Orange 180g, Tea Tree & Lime 700g, Tea Tree & Lime180g, Ylang & Rose 700g, Ylang & Rose 180g, Geranium & Grapefruit 700g, Geranium and Grapefruit 180g