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Looking for refurbished furniture in Suffolk? Our pre-loved wooden furniture refurbishment, hand-painting and upcycling service is based in Felixstowe. We take in tired-looking items of household furniture and transform them with an encouraging dose of TLC, carefully crafted brushwork or even a complete upcycling makeover.

There’s no need for new, or mdf compromises, when home interiors specialist at P&K has the passion, patience, vision, skill and know-how to bring a solid-wood second-hand piece or old favourite back to useful life.

Whether you have ideas already, or need some inspiration together with a helping hand, we can turn most re-imaginings into realities. We create ‘new’ original, individual pieces which will deserve to take pride of place in your home.

Giving the furniture of yesterday a beautiful tomorrow

At P and K Home Interiors refurbished furniture Suffolk upcycling service, we believe that there’s plenty of life left in the furniture of yesterday. And nothing can be more satisfying than transforming an outdated or lack-lustre piece of furniture into something that’s not just desirable, but which can be used for many more years to come.

Take that reproduction Victorian sideboard for example. Those iconic mid-century Ercol table and chairs perhaps? Or what about that classic Art Deco drinks cabinet or Retro 70’s solid pine dresser? There’s always potential for an update or refresh. And as long as the pre-loved item is in sound condition, the only thing restricting any refurbishment is the imagination.

Reap the benefits of up-cycling or investing in pre-loved furniture

Refurbishing furniture, hand-painting a solid-wood piece or upcycling it in some shape or form comes with a whole host of feel-good factors.

Not costing the earth has to be more than one of them.

Refurbished or up-cycled furniture can:

  • Save you money – it can be considerably cheaper than buying new.
  • Help the environment and health of our planet – by reducing the need to cut down more trees to produce new furniture.
  • Make the most of items which are already out there – and break the vicious cycle of being on the ‘I must have new’ band wagon.
  • Support a ‘zero waste’, sustainable approach to life – by reducing contributions to and need for landfill sites.
  • Provide a local, sustainable option – which reduces distribution miles.
  • Look absolutely fantastic – perhaps retaining a certain style or wonderful patina that money simply can’t buy in a new piece of furniture.
  • Result in a unique piece of furniture – that’s individual to you.
  • Offer a better quality option than modern off-the-shelf furniture – period and older pieces are often very well made with top quality materials and an impressive level of workmanship.
  • Deliver real satisfaction – breathing new life into an old, dark, sometimes unloved piece furniture feels great!
  • Hold on to history – and honour the love which the piece of furniture has been shown in the past.

What does refurbished, or refurbishing, furniture cost?

A professionally handled furniture refurbishment project by the P and K Home Interiors refurbished furniture Suffolk team will include all the proper preparation which makes a real difference to how the piece turns out.

Every item will be different in terms of the work it requires or nature of the transformation. Your investment will still represent only a fraction of the cost of any new replacement, unless you want your refurbished piece to be covered in gold leaf of course! and will certainly save you money in the long term too.

About our bespoke furniture upcycling service –P and K Home Interiors Suffolk

Our professional furniture refurbishing service and refurbished furniture sales have evolved from our dedication to house renovation and home-making, out of our passion for interiors and a love of all things wood.

We currently split our time equally between running our online shop /walk-in showroom and the hands-on task of refurbishing furniture directly for clients or for resale.

We offer a free consultation service should you live in East Anglia and have a piece of furniture that needs updating. We can also help in sourcing a piece of pre-loved furniture to your brief and carry out its transformation. With any furniture candidate for upcycling, we make it our business to carry out a full assessment of the piece and to listen and understand both your ideas and needs, before quoting for and carrying out any refurbishment transformation.

Please note that for logistical and sustainability reasons, we are only able to offer our refurbished furniture service in East Anglia, throughout the county of Suffolk.

Do get in touch to find out more:

E-mail: pauline@pandkhomeinteriors.co.uk
Phone: 07879 840230

Please take a look at Pauline’s Pinterest account to view some of her work.

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