Refurbished Furniture

There’s nothing more satisfying than transforming a tired, outdated piece of furniture into something desirable that can be used for many more years and will take pride of place in the home.
Here at P and K Home Interiors I believe that there is plenty of life left in the furniture of yesterday.

It could be a reproduction Victorian sideboard, a classic Art Deco drinks cabinet, a Mid Century iconic Ercol table and chairs or a Retro 70’s solid pine dresser – there’s always potential for an update or refurbishment.

As long as the preloved item is in sound condition the only thing that will restrict the refurbishment is the imagination.

There are many benefits to up-cycling or buying preloved furniture.

  • The use of furniture that is already out there and not being on the ‘I must have new’ band wagon.
  • Reducing the need to cut down so many trees to produce new furniture which is a huge concern for the environment and the health of the planet.
  • Period and older furniture are often better made with a high level of workmanship and materials used.
  • The satisfaction you get in breathing new life into an old, dark, sometimes unloved piece furniture.
  • Refurbished or up cycled furniture can be considerably cheaper than buying new.
  • The piece purchased will usually be unique and individual to you.
  • Reducing distribution miles by choosing a local, sustainable option.
  • Stopping an old piece of furniture from going to landfill. In a sustainable world, landfill sites should become a thing of the past. We should all try to give as close to a ‘zero waste’ life as possible.

As well as the above benefits, refurbished furniture has a look and patina that new furniture just doesn’t have. It will also have a history and often a few previous owners who once loved this piece of furniture.

Refurbishing furniture has evolved from my love of house renovation and a passion for interiors and a love of all things wood.

I spend my time equally between the running of my shop and refurbishing furniture. Whilst many of my clients already have their own furniture to renovate, I’m always very happy to source that piece you are looking for.

If you have a piece of furniture that needs updating or you would like help sourcing a piece please get in touch for a free consultation.

I can be contacted by;

Phone: 07879 840230

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Refurbished Furniture
Refurbished Furniture