The Passion behind P and K Home Interiors & Homewares

A Personal Introduction

Meet Pauline Donnelly – the founder and passion behind P and K Home Interiors and Homewares. More than just an on- and offline independent retailer and magician when it comes to pre-loved wooden furniture makeovers, P & K’s approachable owner has an infectious enthusiasm for beautiful and ethically sourced decorative items.

With a reputation for stunning collections, carefully created, she’s one of Suffolk’s secrets, a talented home styling guru who just loves making and sharing all sorts of decorative discoveries.

Inspired & Inspiring – Pauline Donnelly Home Interiors

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved all aspects of homes and interiors. But it was only when I brought my first house that my passion for interior design, home styling and homewares really ignited. That was over 30 years ago. Little did I know then that it would be one of many houses which I would turn into a home.

I’ve bought, renovated and sold thirteen houses since, each time doing as much of the work as possible myself alongside the building contractors, always project managing and learning new skills along the way. For me, the best part of renovating a property is seeing the new buyer fall in love with a house which I’ve transformed into a beautiful home.

There’s undoubtedly no place like home, but my love of travel has greatly influenced how the stories behind my homeware collections of decorative items come together to be showcased at P and K Home Interiors.

The other undeniable force in my life is family. I’m a mum to my daughter, Paris, and to son, Kyle, that’s where ‘P and K’ came from! and also Grandma to beautiful Ivy Rose.

Always Independent – Pauline Donnelly Homewares & Collections

As an interior designer sourcing home accessories to create that special feeling which you so often just can’t put your finger on, I’d always be looking for unique, ethically sourced – yet affordable – decorative items with style.

But I wanted beautiful things to adorn my home that were different from those available in every high-street and have high expectations and standards when it comes to customer service.

Finding retailers who fitted the bill, who really served their customers well and offered lovely collections at the price I wanted to pay, well, that was rare. All too rare. And it got me thinking.

In Felixstowe Suffolk – P and K Home Interiors & Furniture Refurbishment Service

I opened my own home interiors shop in the charming Edwardian resort of Felixstowe on Suffolk’s beautiful heritage coast in November 2017. It was time to share in a different way, by giving others the interior design inspiration, motivation and confidence to go forward with creating their own dream home. Armed with sustainability, quality, price point and first-class customer service as my mantra, it was a big step, but one I would never regret.

From the many compliments voiced by my walk-in customers about the vast choices of homewares, soft furnishings and stylish fashion accessories at P and K Home Interiors Felixstowe, it was soon clear that I was on the right track.

When I later introduced my refurbished furniture service across East Anglia to upcycle and share back pre-loved furniture pieces, I was able to see my ethos through to another level. From there, developing a P and K Home Interiors online shop and showroom was just a natural progression.

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In the know – Personal choices from Pauline Donnelly Home Styling

One of the things I really value the most about P and K Home Interiors being an independent retailer is that we’re not tied to certain wholesalers. It allows me to offer real freedom of choice and value for money that makes my customers return again and again, but honour core values in the process.

With all homewares and decorative items whether made of wood, stone or ceramics, there’s a supply chain – and I think it’s vital to know as much about the products and how they’re produced as possible.

I consider it my responsibility to bring as many ethically sourced products as I can to market and at P and K Home Interiors, supporting local artisans and independent businesses alike is a real personal priority too.

Enjoy, Pauline x

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